Patrick Schwedtfeger

Last week we had Patrick Schwerdtfeger come speak with us about the importance of social media for business. I already knew a lot about how social media sites such as linked in and twitter could help your business, but he extended that to commonly used platforms like facebook and youtube. His over all message was just “POST IT. don’t make excuses. Get as much content out there on as many different servers and outlets as possible.” He had some great ideas about how to get other people to pretty much do your advertising for you. He was going to hold a contest where if you buy his book and take a photo of yourself holding the book in a store, you get your name put into a contest. Quite frankly, I thought that was rediculous, but I understand why he did it. That prize better be damn good if i’m going to drag myself AND 10 of my friends (because if you have more people there in the photo, you get more entries) to the store to take this photo.

Overall I did learn a few things, like how to search for key words on twitter. That was a nice little feature I didn’t know about. I’m glad I went because it inspired me to go home and add more content to a few of my online portfolio sites:

I still have to update my deviantart site. It has a mishmash collection of my art and illustration, but very little design work.

and I made a new account at and literally two days later got a client email me and ask me to do a logo for them. So that was pretty cool.

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