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Adventure: back to San Francisco

I’m back! I’m alive! It’s been a crazy month. Today is the first day that I’ve had a chance to really sit down and take a breath. Between driving across the country, visiting with family, starting a new job, and taking care of zero, I’ve had absolutely no time to myself, let a lone time to write, unpack and buy stuff for the house. I apologize for the neglect, but I promise that good things are coming. Here’s a recap of what went down these last two weeks.

The Drive

Jeremy and I set out for San Francisco on March 15th, and drove over 2,000 miles in 4 days. The drive was a far better experience than the hot hell that we drove through on our way out here, but we did suffer through over 60 mile an hour winds and a crazy-scary salt storm through the Utah Salt flats. We stayed the night in Omaha (just to say we had Nebraska Steak), Rawlins, and Elko. We left Chicago stressed but relieved and a little nervous about what we would find in San Francisco. Zero was surprisingly chill in the car. We rigged his seat so that he could lay down and look out the window. We took lots of breaks and let him walk around each time we stopped. He actually really loves to travel, which just made the drive so much easier. Jeremy drove the first two days solid, but day 3 and 4 I helped drive through utah and nevada, which was a new experience for me.


iowa windmill

iowa windmill

Zero chillin in the back seat

Zero chillin in the back seat

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watching the sunset at the park in Elko

watching the sunset at the park in Elko

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Little America Rest Stop 

At Little America

Our new Home

When we arrived at 4pm ish outside our new place in the Sunset, we let ourselves in and checked out the rooms. We were SO happy to see that we had more than enough space. All those anxiety dreams and fears that the place would be too small had suddenly vanished. We were delighted to find that the walls had been painted, the carpet replaced and we had an extra bonus room off of the garage that led out to the patio! For now it’s going to be Zero’s play room/ our workout area if we ever get a treadmill. Jeremy and I both have our own offices, which is a huge reason why we chose the place we did. We just needed more space. The next day, the pod came and we moved in with the help of jeremy’s dad, his friend, and my brother with out many issues. The couch is always the beast to get in and out, but it made it up there. We only had a few hours before our friends would show up for an unofficial house warming party. I think it’s probably one of the better parties we’ve ever thrown and I can’t wait to do it again when Jeremy comes back for good.

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My brother came into town to help us move and see me before he moves out to Oaklahoma for work. He was able to hang out with Jeremy before he left for LA. My parents came a few days later and we had a great little reunion. We hadn’t all been together since my graduation in 2011. Between parties, family gatherings, good homemade food and a ton of drinking, my body is totally out of whack. Thursday, my brother left and I was finally alone. Zero and I have been managing the new schedule ok. I’m not yet used to the 1 hour commute each way, but such is life.

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I’m currently under a 3 week contract with Charlotte Russe. I’m so grateful that they made room for me to come back so that I had something solid when I got here. Unfortunately, the first day I arrived, I got that gut feeling that taking the contract might have been a mistake. I realized that I want my career to go in a different direction, so I started looking else where and landed a job where my friend Marek works at a start up app called Coco. I’m really excited to be trying something new and am really interested in continuing to learn, which is something the team really believes in.

The Rest

I’m excited to start exploring the Sunset with Zero. He seems really taken to the reservoir across the street. From up top you can see a beautiful view of the ocean, the richmond, the golden gate bridge, and even the top of sutro tower on twin peaks. It’s breath taking. I also still want to finish updating my portfolio, and get back in the groove with Light Up Your Brand. I had to take a hiatus, but I’m ready to continue with the hand out for the class.

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view from the top of the reservoir