Adventure: Lands End

Hello there! I hope you had an exciting fourth of July. I had the day off and knew that I wanted to spend it outside, even if it was cold and foggy out. Jeremy and I took Zero on an adventure to Lands End in San Francisco.  It turned out to be a perfect morning hike for Zero to stretch his legs. We started at the Sutro Baths parking lot and worked our way through the coastal trail, past Baker Beach to Battery Crosby. landsend_1 landsend_2   The trail was broken up by a beautiful walk through one of the most affluent neighborhoods of San Francisco, cliff side/historic district. Every home was large, complete with lawn and landscaping and beautiful custom gates in the front. It’s hard to believe that a single family would live in these homes.landsend_houses     We continued on past baker beach to a few old bunkers that I had never been to. At that point we decided to turn back instead of go the extra mile to the golden gate bridge (I was getting pretty cranky by then). On our way back we took a different rout and ended up finding a forgotten caged in flower house. It was like a secret overgrown garden. landsend_3 By the time we got back to the car, I was exhausted, but happy to have been recharged by the ocean. I was especially pleased because a lot of this was new for me. It goes to show that even if you’ve been some place for over 5 years, you still have much to see. Cheers! zero_blanket

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