Adventure to: Orange County

Hey friends! So happy to be back home from my vacation. Incase you weren’t aware, I was down in Orange County last weekend visiting my grandmother and taking a few days off before I started my new job. It was great visiting with family, but man it was hot down there.



On Saturday the heat was really bad, but my poor grandmother was a trooper. We decided to go to laguna beach where it was cooler. We walked around the shops a bit, had some ice cream under a shady tree then watched the sunset, while Jeremy took a time-lapse.


Over the next few days we went shopping, ate, drank, and visited some more family. It was pretty low key, which is just what I needed to feel refreshed. We drove back tuesday and I started my job wednesday. The commute is slightly longer, but I’m allowed a more flexible schedule.

So far, it’s been an easy transition. I’ve got some extra client work on my plate this week, but once things slow down a bit, I’ve got some plans to start writing lessons for a passion project that is coming in the following months. Hint, it may just have something to do with all the donuts I’ve been posting on instagram.

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