Adventure to: St. Louis


Jeremy and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary this weekend by driving to St. Louis. While we’re still in the midwest, we’ve been trying to make as many trips to different cities in the surrounding 8 hour radius before we move back to California (in only 6 months!).  So we thought our 3 year anniversary was a perfect time to go on another adventure.

The drive was only about 4 1/2 – 5 hours, but it felt like longer. I’m chalking that up to the fact that Illinois literally has NOTHING in it but corn fields and a few tiny towns not worth mentioning. It’s flat, it’s boring and its hot, so there wasn’t much to keep me occupied looking out the window.


When we finally arrived to Saint Louis, we arrived at Moonrise hotel, highly suggested by a friend. It was out in a district coincidentally called “The Loop” but unlike Chicago’s “loop”, located downtown in the financial/shopping district, this loop was a series of  blocks, miles away from downtown that were lined with great food, bars, and a couple of cute shops to keep tourists busy. Every block had stars in the pavement for local famous people such as T.S Elliot, Mary Englebright, and Tina and Ike Turner.

We tried a bunch of different beers and food and if you want to hear about ALL of them we’ll post it in a few days on The Weekly Nom, but the highlight of everything we ate for me was definitely the Mission Taco Joint. I walked in thinking, huh, that’s funny. Theres a “Mission” district in San Francisco known for its mexican food. As we sat down and started looking around I realized that there was a mural on one wall dedicated to San Francisco. It almost felt like home. We of course tried 4 different types of tacos and were really impressed with the quality and tastiness of each taco. We had Duck, Brisket, Fish, and Pulled Pork tacos. Every taco had its pluses and minuses, but overall we really liked it. The Duck taco won out for me, but Jeremy preferred the juicy sweetness of the pulled pork taco.


I’m not a beer drinker at all, but I always try every beer that Jeremy orders. On this trip Jeremy’s goal was to try only local beers, and he had plenty of breweries to choose from.

Saturday we got up early, had breakfast in Eclipse, the restaurant attached to the hotel, and set off for the park. Jeremy had some film gear he wanted to test out and I just wanted to take pictures. We were there for all of 30 minutes when a torrential downpour happened.We decided to re-group and head back to the hotel to figure out a new plan. The rain stopped shortly after and we decided to try our luck going downtown. There were several breweries we wanted to try but they were all so spread apart. We ended up getting off at the civic center stop and walking all the way to the Arch. We didn’t go up  inside because of the whole government lockdown, but we walked around it and admired it for its greatness.

We roamed all over downtown, hopping in cabs when necessary. I wouldn’t suggest not driving, or using public transportation. It seems that Saint Louis has great stuff to offer, but its all SO spread out that its hard to do it all in one day unless you were to drive and know exactly what you want to do. We ended up at a brewery called Square One for lunch and it was pretty tasty. Jeremy ordered a few flights of beer to really get a feel for what they had to offer and I even liked a few of them. I of course ordered the spare rib french dip. It’s my favorite sandwich and anywhere I see one, I have to try it. This one also had pork belly in it, making it extra fatty and delicious.


After lunch we took another cab to The City Museum, as suggested by the waitress. It. Was. Nuts. I’ve never been anywhere like it. Imagine The Academy of Sciences (San Francisco) or maybe Navy Pier (Chicago) mixed with a jungle gym on crack. This museum was 11 floors of different themed rooms full of things for kids (and gutsy adults) to touch and climb on. It’s like an architect and a mad scientist had a baby. Every room had so many places to climb and crawl.  It would take you days to explore every little tunnel of every floor. There were so many things to look at. At one point we walked into this vintage carnival/movie theatre room that had all these cool vintage arcade games, neon lights, and more. Even the roof was packed with fun. It had a ferris wheel, a slide that went all 10 floors, and this really crazy metal ladder that you could crawl all the way up to the ceiling. It was a thing of beauty and even though I really wasn’t down to climbing with a bunch of kids around, I could see this being fun at night for adults (it closes at midnight!).


The only thing we really didn’t do was have Saint Louis BBQ. One thing we learned was that you have to go early to those places because they sell out quick. Instead, we walked down to one of the bars that had good beer and ate there for dinner, but we stopped on the way back to the hotel to this late night bakery called Piccione for some chocolate raspberry cassada cake and an oreo cookie canole.

Overall it was a great trip. There were some struggles to get around and just find something to do, but that had more to do with the fact that we didn’t really have a backup plan for the rain. Rule of thumb: bring a car, or get friendly with the public transportation.