Adventure to Lake Of the Springs

After our wild and crazy vacation to Las Vegas, Jeremy and I purposefully planned a camping trip one week later to relax and re-charge. We invited a bunch of friends to come along with us to make it more fun. We had never gone camping with a group before, so we were curious to see how it would go.camping on the lake creatively_driven_goes_camping2

Creatively Driven Camping Creatively Driven Camping
Creatively Driven Camping Creatively Driven Camping Creatively Driven CampingCreatively Driven CampingCreatively Driven Campingcreatively_driven_camping

We couldn’t have had a better spot. It was just down a hill from my parent’s cabin and less than 50 feet to the lake. In the early morning, the lake is still and quiet except for the occasional honk from a few geese nearby. The beautiful slowly creeping fog blanketed the water and enveloped the trees in this peaceful awe inspiring moment.

We had heavy rain friday night, which kept me up, but also

One thing we all came to realize individually was that we REALLY needed this little vacation to unplug and recharge. We talked about how we all work so hard to make rent and to afford to just LIVE in the bay area that we forget that there’s more to life than just working.


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