Adventure to Las Vegas

We recently returned from a few days in Las Vegas and as soon as I got back I had to jump onto freelance work to get caught up. Now that I’m finally a little caught up, I wanted to share the photos I took while there. I hadn’t been to Vegas since I was 12, so I was excited to experience Vegas as an adult.

Jeremy and I aren’t really the “vegas” type that like to go gambling, get drunk and go clubbing, but we still managed to have our own fun.

Some highlights were having a drink at the chandelier bar with a friend, renting a car and driving to the hoover dam, hiking the old historic railroad trail next to the hoover dam, and visiting the old Las Vegas on freemont street.


Creatively driven goes to vegas!
Creatively_Driven_LasVegas_3 Creatively_Driven_LasVegas_4 Creatively Driven goes to Las Vegas

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