Adventure to Minneapolis


The drive:

the drive there was long. We barely stopped and we still made it there after dark. We quickly checked in to our modern “hipster” hotel, A loft Minneapolis. It had good reviews and it was close to the triple rock, so we figured we’d give it a shot. The room was pleasantly surprising. The furniture and decor were modern and fun, and the view wasn’t too bad either. The only downside was the pillows were way too thick to sleep on, and you have to pay $15 for parking across the street.



red_tree treemountain



The Triple Rock & Bars

After a quick refresh, Jeremy and I headed back to the car and made our way to The Triple Rock. As soon as we walked in, Jeremy’s eyes lit up and all the stress from driving evaporated. He was ready to get his drink on and sit and admire all the details of this hole in the wall. The bar itself wasn’t anything special, the beer selection was mediocre (his words) but it was more about all his favorite bands that had been there that made it so special. After a quick drink, we went to the other side where a comedy show was going to start at 8:30. For $5 entry, it was worth it. Again, Jeremy got a little teary eyed. Before the comedy, a duo called “Lock and ___ “, a folk/rock duo, played a few songs. Both musicians were multi talented, alternating between the guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica throughout their set. The girls voice was reminiscent of Paula cole, which made me want more.

Once the show actually started, it was just “ok”. Most of the laughs were pity laughs for the sake of no awkward silences. Most jokes were ill-timed, or just not reaching the right crowd, but there was one guy in particular, Chad Martin, was pretty funny.

After the comedy section, we decided to split and head back to the hotel to drop off the car. Another bar, Grumpy’s was down the block and we thought we’d finish the night there. There’s a Grumpy’s in San Francisco near Jeremy’s old job and it was the “place to go” after work for everyone who worked in that area. Another sentimental bar for Jeremy.


Hell’s Kitchen

While at the triple rock we met some nice people who shared our table. They suggested trying out Hells Kitchen for breakfast. We headed over there and were expecting a hole in the wall much like the bar, but we were pleasantly surprised to see a large restaurant, well-lit, well decorated, with a stage for music to play during brunch. They are known for using bison in a lot of their items, and Jeremy of course got the Bison Eggs Benedict. We split another famous item, the Lemon hotcakes. Imagine what it would be like if a lemon bar and a pancake made a baby.. that’s what a lemon hot cake was and it was DELICIOUS. My entrée, the vegetable fritata, was just “ok”. My mom used to put more savory items in my fritata, like sausage, cheese, and mushrooms. There lacked much savory flavors there, but it was pretty healthy.


Last but not least, ZERO!

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We decided to just skip the  site seeing and go straight to get Zero. His breeder lives an hour south of Minneapolis and so we decided to get going. Zumbrota is kind of in the middle of no-where, but the drive was serene. A vast openness covered in a blanket of pure white snow meeting an equally vast grey sky. A few trees here and there, and even fewer homes.. When we finally turned into the property, we were greeted with 4 or 5 dogs coming up to the car and barking. All of them were not corgis, but other types of dogs. All the corgis could be seen behind fences, and up on the deck near the house. There were so many of them! It was corgi heaven.  Our little guy was inside playing with one of their hunting dogs. He was the last of his litter to leave, so he had found other ways to entertain himself. When we came in, he was very shy, but soon let us pet him and pick him up. He’s such a sweetheart. The breeder went over his health record and gave us a 5 lb bag of food and a blanket. We took him to the car and he slept on my lap the entire way home. He was super sweet and not fussy at all.

The first night he slept until about 4 am and then he started whining. As soon as we let him out, he pooped. haha. He didn’t want to go back to bed without us in the room, so I slept out on the couch and he slept in his soft bed.. lucky little prince.

2 weeks later he’s running around, playing, getting into mischief, and being absolutely adorable. We love him, we love him, we love him.

Overall it was a really great mini vacation. A lot of driving, but he was well worth it.

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