Art binge + Home Decor Update

Our recent trip to ikea has left me in a decorating mood. Last time I shared with you my dream office decor and since then, not much progress had been made to make it a reality until our trip to Ikea. I now am two pieces of furniture closer to my dream office and much farther along in all the other rooms.

My office:

After all the searching for the perfect blue rug, i said to heck with spending hundreds of dollars on a rug and bought an inexpensive and still lovely grey one at ikea. I also finally caved and bought that white side table from west elm I’ve been wanting but felt guilty about dropping $200 for. While at Ikea, we also bought a bunch of really inexpensive frames. I am notorious for buying frames and never putting art in them (ahem. Our mantle has had two large empty frames for months now.) . So I’m making a huge effort to buy art for these frames.

New rug from ikea and table from west elm

Here are some pieces I made for my office. More to come!


Here are some of my wish list pieces:


1.  Minted  | 2. Out to Sea print from Minted   | 3.  | 4. Abstract Circles on Etsy  | 5. River Dots Print from Minted | 6. Boulders from Minted | 7. Water Scape From West Elm

The living room:

We decided (more like I decided and convinced Jeremy) that there was so much dark wood and browns in the living room that we wanted to add in more green. I spent a few weeks searching for two green side tables with no luck until I came across a blog post about refinishing ikea furniture. We decided to go for it. We bought two side tables, a coffee table and a green pillow to balance out the brown. We went to home depot and bought a couple tester colors of paint and got to sanding. So far so good!

The bathroom:

The bathroom is much improved (Pic to come). It now has a clear color scheme of grey and yellow. We made big improvements when we bought the grey bins to put all our random stuff into, added a few yellow accents and bam. It looks more coordinated. I’d still like to add to this gradually with a few abstract prints and maybe another knicknack, but for now, i’m happy.


The Kitchen:

This is probably going to be the most “hodgey podgey” room of the house. Originally we decided on green curtains (like the living room), but that was before I wanted a San Francisco motif and the green is kind of contradicting all the different colorful prints. I’ll bring it all together with more green some how, but for now I’m slowly buying San Francisco Art. Just this last month I met local artist Chris Shearer on market selling his beautiful detailed illustrations of urban san francisco. I actually was drawn to his Japanese tea gardens illustration, so purchased it, and am looking forward to adding a little more green in our kitchen. Right now it sits on the counter until I can find a frame. Ironically of all the empty frames that are awaiting art, we don’t have one in this size.


Here are some more San Francisco prints that are on my wishlist:


1. Etsy  | 2. Kevin Dart  | 3. The Bold Italic | 4. Etsy  | 5. Pinterest  | 6. The Bold Italic | 7. Seltzer Goods | 8. Society 6  | 9. The Bold Italic Golden Gate Park Map 

This continues to be a work in progress. We’ve got a finite amount of time to spend with eachother on the weekend and make sure we handle client work and playing with Zero, so it’s very slow. I’m so thankful to Jeremy for spear heading much of the refinishing and going along with my ideas. I can’t wait to share the final outcomes of the ikea coffee table and side tables once they are all painted. For now, have a wonderful week!


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