Balancing Work and play

Balancing work and play

It’s been two whole months since I graduated and there hasn’t been an idle moment. I have been extremely lucky, having found work so fast, but sometimes I wish I still had had a moment to catch my breath. A couple weeks after school ended, I had 6 clients and had already signed up with two temp agencies. I took a weekend off then found myself starting at Sephora three days a week. Which was GREAT. It gave me a chance to work on my own business, freelance and what not during the week, and still work in a corporate company that paid weekly. I loved it. By the third week I realized why they say you lose your soul… because product artist work is mind numbingly easy and most of it lacks any creativity. It’s formatting, resizing, and adding copy to a pre made style or template. It’s boring. But in these times beggars really can’t be choosers, and there is no room for an ego for a junior designer.

Just as soon as I got used to things at sephora, I get a call that Benefit wants me FULL time. I felt really guilty at first about leaving sephora so quickly (with a weeks notice) and leaving for their competition, but after multiple people reassuring me, I knew this was where I should go. So it’s been three weeks at Benefit and boy is it different. I still do production work, but they throw me more creative projects here and there too. The girls I work with are a hoot, and the head of my department bakes! I swear I’m going to get fat. There is so much inspiration to be found everywhere, the walls are covered with cork boards of inspiration at every desk, and there are frames and old artwork for events everywhere.

I love my job, but a part of me wants more. I want more than just a 9-5 er. I loved freelance because I got to meet new people and every project was different. In a way I feel that school got me ready for that life because every project WAS so very different. I have so much i want to create and it’s all stuck in my notebooks and in my head, that it is literally ready to burst out of my brain. But by the time I get home, it’s 5 and Jeremy is ready to make dinner and cuddle up on the couch and watch tv or do a crossword with me.. we are such an old married couple.

WHERE is there time for myself? For my art? The short answer is that there isn’t any.. Something had to give and it wasnt going to be my financial stability (job) or my relationship, so it was my creativity. What about the weekend you ask? Well the weekend usually consists of at least ONE day going out to the east bay to buy groceries (because they are $200 cheaper and his family is out there), and lately weekends are the “to do” days.. cleaning, groceries, family functions etc.

This blog was mainly meant to share what’s been going on and how i feel about it. I wish i could say I had an answer, but the only thing I can figure is that sacrifice is what being a grown up is all about. Paying the bills and being a good girlfriend are more important sometimes than sitting on my computer making something pretty.

I think my personal goals will be to spend one day of my weekend (or half day if it’s super busy) and just go outside. I never go outside unless it’s with Jeremy anymore. I work 9 hours inside, I come home and sit inside until it’s dark.

My second goal was/is to make ONE pattern/drawing a week. So for my first submission, is a message to myself that I think everyone should listen to if they are serious type A people like me that can’t seem to relax ever….


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