Behind The Scenes: Branding and Marketing “The Jog” Film

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m excited to share with you the behind the scenes of a work in progress project with Jeremy Widen on his thesis film “The Jog”. While working with Jeremy, I’ve learned so much about the film making process and find it absolutely fascinating.

The Look Book


After breaking away from a fruitless partnership, Jeremy went out alone to create the concept for “The Jog”. I worked with Jeremy initially on laying out a film look book that he would use to pitch his idea to potential script writers and other key crew members. Out of this came two partnerships: one with Script Writer Cooper Justus, and the second with Director Aaron Mills. Together the three of them finalized the script and visual style of the film. The final visuals for the identity and marketing stemmed from the film’s cool color palette, mixed in with some sunrise imagery and flat vector silhouette shapes.


The Story

The Jog is a comedic drama about a man with his internal and external struggles on losing weight. As soon as he begins to exercise, his body parts scream at him and coerce him to stop. As we continue, we learn about why he’s working out and what he has to lose if he doesn’t get in better shape. Most of the story happens around sun rise when you see pinks, and purples and orange light.

The Logo




Once the script and look book were finalized, Jeremy asked me if I would be willing to design the logo for the film. I had already done half the work by designing the look and feel of the look book, so I carried it over into the logo. The letters were set bold and upper case and tracked in as much as possible. They are supposed to make you feel heavy and uncomfortable. Inside the O we placed a silhouette of an obese man running, to directly reference marty’s character and his lone struggle against his body to get in shape.


The Marketing

Once the logo was completed, we we continued with the marketing campaign. The main focus for the marketing strategy was to get people to help fund The Jog. Jeremy created a kickstarter video and a Facebook page to increase awareness and market to his main support groups, family and friends. Jeremy and I worked together on the marketing strategy across multiple platforms to promote the kickstarter page and raise $5000 to fund the film.

Widen Media


In the initial phases of this project, we created a hero ad on the Widen Media homepage that would direct them to the blog post about the details of the project.


Phase 1: Awareness
Annoucing The Jog Page – we created marketing assets that announced the Facebook page and asked people to like the page.
Announcing the Kickstarter page – Directing people to donate to the kickstarter to fund the jog.

thejog_fb_kickstarter_live theJog_fb_likeus

Phase 2: Inticement – We used some posts to promote the merchandise donators get, as well as sharing some behind the scenes
Introducing the crew/cast
What you get for donating
Celebrating progress
Behind the Scenes

thejog_fb_give_50  thejog_fb_meet_andy_knee thejog_Fb_meet_Jeremy_Producer  1385181_193364874180330_692699446_nthejog_Fb_reached_4k thejog_fb_give_100

Phase 3: Immediacy
Almost there
# of days left until the kickstarter ends

facebook_Ads_15daysleft facebook_Ads_5DAYS thejog_fb_almostthere 557242_195159217334229_1479564710_n

Phase 4: Success and Thank You
The Jog has been funded

Blog Posts

Jeremy continued to keep people up to date with the film’s progress on his blog. He wrote about challenges, successes, and major check points in the film making process.


Jeremy and I tweeted frequently about the progress of the Jog and linking to the kickstarter campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.36.55 PM


In November 2013, The Jog successfully funded.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 7.55.45 AM

The Physical Merchandise

Once I move, Jeremy and I will continue to work on the physical merchandise that will be given to the people who donated. This covers ranges from stickers, to movie posters, dvd cases, shirts, and sweatshirts. We hope to have everything finalized by May 2014.