On My Mind: Birthday Re-caps and More

Happy Wednesday dears!

I hope you all had a fantastic memorial day weekend. I know I did! My birthday is always during Memorial Day weekend, which is a blessing and a curse. Usually it means I get a three day weekend, but it also means a lot of people go out of town and aren’t available to celebrate. The past few years I have held some sort of big cheese + wine (or in my case champagne) party, but this year I elected to spend it with my two favorite guys.



My big birthday wish was to go to the Marin Headlands. It took  a couple detours due to my poor navigating skills (sorry babe!) but we finally made it. We hiked up along the cliffs, enjoyed the beautiful day, and explored some of the old bunkers and look out points hidden in the cliff side. It was a wonderful start to a weekend full of food and fun.

Sunday was my actual birthday. I woke up really early and we took Zero to the park to get him tired. We headed downtown to nob hill/russian hill area and walked around some of my favorite shops. We stopped in to get one of my favorite deserts: apple pandowdy. It’s kind of like apple bread pie goodness. So much better than birthday cake!



We went to see Captain America, which was surprisingly good. I always think Captain America is going to be boring and then i’m always pleasantly surprised. After we headed back out our way around 9th and Irving to what is becoming one of our favorite bars: the mucky duck. We put some NOFX on the juke box which landed us some brownie points with the bar tender.  We ended the night with some italian food and a surprise cheese cake slice and the entire restaurant singing happy birthday.

This weekend I had so many happy moments that It’s hard to choose, but here’s #mypieceofhappy for the week:zero_headlands

The moment I was able to get Zero to sit still on this rock while taking a hike. He looked at me with that big smile and I knew he was happy, which made me happy because the headlands are one of my favorite places to be. Thanks for the patience on this post. I know it’s a bit later than usual.

Monday i spent working with clients and fixing up my office. Thanks to Jeremy, I now have CURTAINS! So excited about that. They are sheer pale blue, to go with my ocean theme, so yay! Pics soon!


Psst… guess what?


The new blog design is ON IT’S WAY! I can’t wait to share it with all of you. If you’re at all interested in my process or how to style your own blog please sign up for some tips here:

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