New Card: The Birthday Cake Monster

Jeremy and I’s mothers both have the same birthday, June 4th. Weird huh? The moms both came out on Sunday and we took them out to Empress of China for their Birthday lunch. Yum yum! I designed up this little card for MY mom. I’ve had it in my head for a while, but just haven’t had the time to put it to paper.

The story behind it is that everyone who knows me, knows that I hate anything to do with the kitchen. I hate cooking/baking because it stresses me out. Anything that requires an oven, isn’t for me (but I’m queen of quesadillas!) This is why I made a joke of it, saying: “I would have baked you a cake but it might have turned into a monster” because I always envision my cakes sprouting a tail, and trying to wreak havoc on the kitchen. I think the final version will get a little more detail. Maybe I’ll give the cake some burnt edges. It’s just too cute right now.