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Creative Mornings with Elle Luna

Last Friday was Creative Mornings and I was lucky enough to snag a coveted ticket. I haven’t been attending CM’s since starting my new job six months ago, but when I saw that Elle Luna was the speaker, I knew I had to go since she is one of my creative heroes.

This time the event was held at Zendesk, which was located conveniently on market street.

The Zendesk office is another beautiful example of a minimal designers paradise. Every surface and every item looked purposeful. Between the moss wall, and the perfectly matching grey couches and chairs, it all oozed zen.

Creative Mornings at Zendesk with Elle Luna

I absolutely loved the lower level where I assume they do large presentations and all hands meetings. What stuck with me was just how non-invasive the projection system was. Instead of having a clunky large screen tv hooked up to a laptop, they projected the presentations n onto a long wall.

Zen Desk Office for Creative Mornings

And then there was Elle Herself. Her talk was such an perfect continuation of the story I heard at moxiecon a few years back. Elle is a phenominal speaker. Anyone who is lucky enough to hear her talk will quickly pick up on the addicting, down to earth energy that radiates from her. Since her talk at moxiecon, she’s been busy. She wrote a post on medium titled “The Crossroads of Should and Must” and overnight it went viral. The post gained so much attention that she decided to listen to the universe and dive deeper into this topic, which has resulted in a beautiful watercolor illustrated book that I now have a pre-sale signed copy of.

Elle luna

This lady is just so talented and I am continually in awe of her spirit.

If you missed her talk, everything she said and more is in her new book. This is one of those books that everyone should own and refer back to for encouragement.

Some quotes that really stuck with me:

quote by elle luna

This one refers to how we have to take small steps toward our must. When the road ahead to must seems long and hard, we can take small steps toward it by just finding ten minutes each day to do one thing that will help us get there.

quote by elle luna

I loved this because I really needed to hear it. It means that not everyone’s journey is going to involve quitting their job to persue their calling 100%. For me and my life, it’s impractical to do that right now. This gave me the confirmation that working fulltime as a UX designer, learning new skills during the day, and then freelancing and building my client list on nights and weekends is exactly what I need to be doing in order to start my own boutique design firm later and I no longer need to feel like I’m not moving forward toward that must. quote by elle luna

This one was just so thought-provoking. Elle described her dream as this empty room with white walls and a mattress on the floor. She said in her dream space, she felt at peace. In real life, I feel that way in my own office sometimes when I’m sitting on the floor, with paper and all kinds of things strewn around me and I’m just lost in my work. I also feel this way when staring out at the waves at the beach over by where I live. I would love to know where your dream / creative space is where you find yourself most at peace.

Thank you.

I just want to say thank you to Creative Mornings for always making these events free. If you haven’t already, sign up with Creative Mornings and make an account so that you can become part of the community.

Thank you to Elle for speaking and a big thanks to Zendesk for opening up your beautiful office space.

You can follow along Elle’s journey and see her work at elleluna.com

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