Creatively Driven 4.0 mood board work in progress

Creatively Driven 4.0 Mood board WIP

I’m getting so excited for our week-long trip to Vancouver! I’ve been working hard to finish up some client work before I head out but I also wanted to just share briefly my behind the scenes process of working through the new creatively driven website look and feel.

As I mentioned before, It’s a slow process. As a designer that does this for a living its increasingly hard to do it for yourself. I know better than to rush into anything and often my first few ideas dont end up looking anything like my final.

This week I spent my time on pinterest really just getting inspiration. I pinned a ton of images, not caring too much about how well they went together. I just pinned anything that spoke to me, that had the right energy I was going for. I pulled them all down into folders and started placing them on a ginormous artboard. The challenge for me is that my site is going to take on more than just a blog now. It will be my studio and i have four sections of the site that have to be considered.

Creatively Driven 4.0 Mood board process step oneStylistically, my portfolio and design consulting section should be very modern and structured. I want a little feeling of controlled chaos, with offset grids. As we move into the shop area, things get more colorful. My shop will showcase lifestyle photography of my products.  My blog will be aligned more with what I have now. It will be much more experimental with ink textures, mixed media, and hand drawn elements.

My goal is not to appear “scrap book-y” but more collage/assemblage inspired. It will be hand made feeling, imperfect, but more than likely minimalistic.

After I took a look at these images, you can sort of see the different sections emerging. I wanted to simplify that down into one mood board so I took the best ones and compiled them into this:

Creatively Driven 4.0 mood board work in progress

This isn’t final yet. The color story is not quite there yet and things still feel a little disjointed, but I thought I would share where i’m going.

It’s looking like there will be black and white with a few pops of colors.

I want to emphasize black more than white, but I also don’t want a black website, so there’s a fine line that I need to explore.

More to come!

sources going from left to right:

1. Black and white photos

2. Creatively driven girl

3. black website

4. Black and pink collage


A lot of the images in my mood board can be found on my pinterest board. If you want to know the source of one, Id be happy to provide it. Some of them might be in a hidden board and when my brand goes live, I will go back and link to all.


UPDATE 6/5/15

I’ve started designing the work in progress mockups. Here’s a project page.Creatively_driven_4.0_projectpage It’s still very rough, but hopefully you can see where it’s going.



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