From the Bookshelf: Design It Yourself

The first design book I ever bought was just by chance when walking through a borders in Los Angeles. I generally visit the book store atleast once every few weeks. For a while I would go every week on my way to work. D.I.Y – Design It Yourself is a great resource for creative ideas for artists. I love it so much because it gives you different options on how to design things, be it a website, a book, a t-shirt, or even bathroom towels. They spoke about the pros and cons of using different methods and broke it down by time and price as well. Overall this book will make you want to get crafty even if you are like me, wretched with scissors, glue, or fabric. 

Cost wise, it’s relatively cheap for a design book so I suggest going out and buying it, or at the very least flipping through.

Go do something creative today.

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