Dream Job: Seven Script Sages


Happy Friday!

While you read this I’m currently marveling at the type gurus at Typo SF. In the vein of typography, I thought I would feature seven lovely script letterers that are definitely follow worthy. All of these ladies have either produce a tutorial, a book, or sell their lovely fonts for everyone to enjoy. They are truly entrepreneurs in the scripting world.

Gemma O’Brien
My new type girl crush! I heard Gemma talk yesterday at Typo on crafting Authenticity (more about that on my re-cap post later). Not only is Gemma a super talented hand letterer who’s received recognition and invites to speak at Typo twice, but what really amazed me was her reasons for loving hand done type. She appreciates the human aspect behind the type; the authenticity. Check out some of Gemma’s work and follow her.

Kal Barteski
I’ve already featured Kal on my last fab females post, but it’s definitely worth repeating. Kal has some of the most beautiful and simple lettering and I love that she has made her work available for purchase. Check out Kal’s lovely website, and take her class. You won’t regret it!

Molly Jacques
Molly is another talented script letterer, but what I really love about her is that she actually makes her creations into fonts that others can use. I haven’t seen many do that. My favorite is her newest, St. Agnes. Check out her site and follow her.

Jessica Hische
If you haven’t followed Jessica or if you don’t know who she is, you might just have been living under a rock for the past 3 years. A lady that needs no introduction (but I’ll give you one anyway), Jessica has been published in magazines and books for her beautifully detailed (and sometimes very or ate) digital scripts. she has worked on some amazing projects, like the titles for the Wes Anderson movie, Sunrise Kingdom, and a series of covers for classic literature. What truly inspired me about Jessica was not all her design accomplishments and acknowledgements for her commercial work, but it was her many side projects that inspired me to do my own passion work, which includes this blog.

Molly Suber Thorpe
I have always loved calligraphy, but could never write properly with a nib pen. No matter what i did, the nib would snag on the paper and ruin my letters. I bought Molly’s book on calligraphy and read that there’s actually a reason for that. As a lefty, I was using the wrong nibs and angling the paper the way a righty would. I switched over to a pointed nib and immediately saw improvements. Molly’s book is both really useful and inspiring, packed full of projects to help you get your creative juices flowing with calligraphy.

Check out her siteand her book

Karen Hofstetter
I was on society 6, obsessing over if ding the right pillow and clock for my office decor, and the one pillow that stood out against all the rest was the “carpe diem” pillow. It was so striking, and I actually first thought it was Kal’s, but it was actually Karen Hofstetter’s. I was very happy to see that it wasn’t a rip off (because there are those tr will upload someone else’s work to print something for personal gain) and that she had other beautiful work for me to oogle at. My favorite is her most recent “love” series. Check out her shop.

Dana Tanamachi
Dana  brought a whole new meaning to the term chalk board script. I found out about her a year or so ago, and i want to say I was reading a communication arts feature on her (could be wrong). I just remember seeing the cover of Oprah magazine with this gorgeous background completely full of lettering done by Dana. I then checked out her site and found that like Jessica, Dana has had some really amazing projects under her belt. She too has a set of gorgeous book covers, of which I would gladly buy again, just for the beauty of the books. Check out her site.


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