Dream Job: Eve Skylar

I was walking along the booths at Zine Fest and came across an artist by the name of Eve Skylar. She and her partner, Rick Kitagawa, were selling zines and artwork under their shared company Monkey and Seal. I didn’t buy their zine, (now regretting not picking up a copy of “Bad Date Zine”), but instead I bought one of her beautiful prints called “Delicatessen” inspired by and named after the movie “Delicatessen”. It is a clever little pen and ink illustration depicting a meat market (of human body parts) for fish. The tables have turned and now fish eat humans! I love the butcher with his cigar and facial expression. It is quite obvious that hours and hours of careful drawing was put into this beautiful artwork. She said to me “I definitely have a new appreciation for fish scales.”

Go check out more of her work here:  http://artriot.blogspot.com/ and  http://eveskylar.carbonmade.com/

Buy their prints and zines here :  http://MonkeyandSeal.etsy.com

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