Expressing Gratitude

The root of joy is gratefulness

Hey there friends. Does it feel like fall yet? It certainly doesn’t here in San Francisco. We’ve been plagued by heat waves these past few weeks, which is the usual “indian summer” here. Instead of getting colder, it gets hotter. The leaves don’t really turn the beautiful colors here much here either, so that feeling of fall never really reaches me. While we are no where near thanksgiving, I believe we should express our gratitude every day and I feel compelled to do so.

Lately I’ve been working a lot. I started my new contractor job mid last week and right around that time, I gained a couple extra clients. My roster is now up to 4 and while I’m exhausted, I definitely feel like a real business again. It’s no secret that the life of a freelancer comes with long hours that will more than likely dip into “quality time” with family, but I still feel compelled to practice transparency with my readers about what that really means, as well as express my gratitude to my other half, Jeremy.

Everyone who knows me and who has read my blog for a while will probably catch on that I am a very driven person. I am up at 5:30 most days so that I can be at work by 7:30 and leave by 4:30 to be home by 6. Jeremy makes dinner and I’m back to work some time around 8 until 10:30 or 11. If you do the math, I’m working somewhere around 11 – 12 hours a day and sleeping around 7 hours a night. The rest is eating and travel.

Naturally you can see how little time is left over for quality time with my family. Jeremy hasn’t made a big deal out of it, because he knows how important to me building my client base is. Instead he does more than his share of taking care of zero, washing dishes and cleaning the house, and he does all the cooking. This is just another testament of how absolutely supportive he is of my dream and how amazing he is as a person. I feel grateful to have such a patient, loving, and kind boyfriend who supports my crazy work schedule on top of working his butt of as a freelancer too.

He reminds me to be present in the moments we do have together because they are precious. cherish the silly moments

So to those of us who have sacrificed a date night or two (or let’s be real–all of them) for the sake of your business, show your person some love and gratitude.

And to all of those of you who are freelancing and making it work without the support of another significant other to help lessen the load of every day life, YOU are my heroes. You are strong and dedicated and you should be proud of all you accomplish in a day. I couldn’t even imagine coming home and making dinner or taking care of children and then having the strength to go back to work. Show yourself some gratitude and treat yourself, or take that much-needed vacation. If you can’t because you have THAT much work to do, then relish in finding small rewards throughout the day that make it worth it.

Lastly, i’m always grateful when I log in to wordpress and see that my readership hasn’t dropped to zero after nearly a week hiatus. So thank you for continuing to visit and read my words.

Stay driven.

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  • Such a great post, Loretta. I’m in the same boat, working ALLA DA TIME trying to make things happen, and it starts to wear not only on you but on those around you. I feel especially terrible sometimes that my two little ones have to watch me work all day when I’d rather be spending the time with them, but what can you do? I’ve chosen to be grateful that I get to be home with them, that I get to do work I genuinely love, and that I have this chance to pursue my dream, ya know? Thanks for the reminder that gratitude is where it’s AT.

    16 October, 2014 at 6:51 pm