Feature: Brian Yee

Brian Yee is a man of many talents. I met him at the Art Institute and after a few quarters, I knew he was someone to aspire to be like. He’s creative, he’s poetic, and he’s stylish. Though he doesn’t have an actual portfolio website, I was able to find some awesome “doodles” on his myspace page.

Birthday Card - I love his hand done type!

His trade mark is definitely the little red bird he places on the shoulders and heads of a lot of his characters. I have often heard him talk about getting his inspiration from children’s books, which is inspiring by itself. I had forgotten about the long-lost children’s books I had been read as a child and even with the recent movie “Where the Wild Things Are”, I have been curious to go back and look again and see them in a whole new light.

I forgot to mention that while he is a talented artist and designer, he’s also talented lyrically. He writes very catchy rap songs, my favorite being Dead Pan, a story about Wendy from Peter Pan, and what happens to her when she grows up. ¬†Here’s his song site.

Check him out!



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