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So it’s nearly 1 am and I’m sitting here mentally and physically exhausted. I know this past week i’ve spent atleast 12hours a day in front of my computer trying to get all my finals done. I’m not a procrastinator.. not a big one anyway. No I just bit off more than i can chew.

updates for my website:

After quite a bit of going back and forth Jeremy finally point blank told me to stop trying to be something I’m not. I tried really hard to make my website (and my brand) more playful than I actually am. So I stuck to my scheme and tried to make it work the best I could.



where to start? The type I feel is a little stronger. I changed the h1s, h2s, h3s, and h4s so that they all actually worked in the right order. The background color is my “teal” color and Im not sure how i feel about it. It’s really bold, which is what I’m going for, but maybe it’s TOO in your face? I added more content to all my pages, but the final images are coming over break when I have time to take them. I made a series of icons and buttons that I’m starting to encorporate into my site.

I was able to fix the jquery slider too! It turns out this <no script> code at the end messed EVERYTHING up. weird huh?

I think the main thing is that I’ve done a crazy amount of work in one day (because this past week I havent had a scrap of time to work on it).

The important thing is that I’ve established a good base and now over the next 12 weeks (eeeeek!) I will be perfecting it.

Room for improvement:

I very much would like to also add a photography page

I also want to add those icons in where I can.

I want to add a different “portfolio” page, one that actually shows my laid out portfolio from and a “download my resume” button.

I have to finish my about page by adding my design heroes and favorite designers etc.


Still not fixed:

that carosel idea didn’t work. I really need some hard core one on one time to get that figured out, so in the mean time, I added a “tags” section which will eventually lead to other projects tagged with the same words (oh boy),

my biggest issue is that I STILL can’t get my @font face to work on fire fox. I checked on Jeremy’s safari and It worked, just not fire fox. If i don’t get ANYTHING else fixed, i must get this fixed. The fonts are key to making it all look consistent, without it it looks poorly designed. I plan on bringing screenshots in to show incase my fonts don’t show up.

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