Fish Connotations

Child Like Fish 2 This was a project for my concept design class. The goal was to illustrate one object out of a list (I chose fish) in five different connotations in five different mediums. My first fish was a “child like fish”. My original idea was using crafts to make my fish. I thought putting together a seaquin fish would be fun. It was something I would have done when I was younger. It turned out so well that it wasn’t believable that a child did it because it was so neat.. go figure.


Harsh Fish

Next was my Harsh connotation. I thought of this really ugly brown color for a fish and decided that I should do it in watercolor and play with smudging it up. Again, it turned out so nicely, and so “cute” that it didn’t look harsh enough. According to my teacher, “In the land of cute fish, this is the harsh one, but it is still cute”








Whimsical FishThis is my whimsical fish. I tried to create motion witht eh blurry tail and fin, but it was not as successful as I would have liked. I still like the overall image except for the blue. I think it isn’t working the way it is right now. If anything this connotation is probably “quirky” because I intentionally left the other fin out because it was looking funny but now he looks like a one finned fish with big googly eyes.


Corporate FishAnd Lastly here is my  corporate fish. The feed back on this one was that everyone in the class could see it, but my teacher couldn’t. He said it wasn’t visible enough. I still think I got a few good little illustrations out of it, even if it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for.

  • I really like the ugly brown one lol. I feel like it should be an illustration for a children’s story about one of those crazy looking fish at the bottom of the ocean.


    28 August, 2009 at 4:52 pm
    • eyedapop

      haha so far most of my illustrations have come out that way “children’s book” feel. Thanks for visiting!

      28 August, 2009 at 4:53 pm