Dream Job: Five Follow-worthy Females

Happy Friday!

I thought I’d take a quick second and share with you some of the people who have been influencing me lately. These five fabulous females are strong creative professionals, all of which I subscribe to for valuable business best practices or creative inspiration.


Kelsey Cronkhite, a designer from Ohio has created this her blog space called Pinegate Road, and just the design alone makes me envious. She has such a great look and the stuff she writes about is not only creative and thoughtful, but a lot of it really resonates with me personally.

Follow Kelsey: @pinegateroad



Effective as of a few days ago, Caroline K Winegeart is my new business girl crush. I found out about her from another awesome Kelsey Cronkite post, and Caroline’s blog was the one that caught my attention and kept it. I reached out to her because I loved her point of view “Brands Made Vibrant”. It’s so simple and so brilliant, I wish I could steal it! Her site really establishes a hub for her business, her blog, and her shop.

Follow Caroline: @Ckelso



Kal Bartseki has the ultimate dream job. She gets paid to paint letters all day. That’s because her letters are written in a beautiful hand-made script of her very own and even with her wonderful class on studio calico, I couldn’t possibly hope to come close to her talents. Her big chunky scripts are what inspired me to take a new look at Creatively Driven’s content. I decided I wanted something more hand-made, without looking “scrap booky”. You can take classes on how to write like Kal here.

Follow Kal: @Kalbarteski



I can never stop saying good things about Zoe Rooney. She is my go-to developer for WordPress sites and coding knowledge. She’s developed my portfolio site and will be starting on Creatively Driven’s new design soon. What I really admire about Zoe though is her branded material. Her site is of course gorgeous, but what I really loved was the branded digital invoice she sent me, the awesome digital licensing agreement, and her custom inquiry form that was so detailed. It’s the little things (along with great work) that really make Zoe stand out as a professional, and that is what I aspire to be like.

Follow Zoe: @zoe_rooney



Whenever I want to channel my inner artist, I first go to Elle Luna’s site. I saw Elle speak at an event called MoxieCon last year and she left a lasting impression on me. Elle told us her story about how she left her coveted design position for a dream of empty white studio walls. Yes, she pursued her passion for fine art. Who does that!? Elle does. Her reason for leaving will stick with me forever: “I wasn’t doing my best work”. I love going to Elle’s site because It gives me a glimpse of a similar dream that I have one day. While I don’t want to be a fine artist, I do want to have my own space to spread out, make things, get messy, make mistakes, contemplate, research, and be 100% in my head for hours at a time. Visit her site, get inspired by her poetic soul.

Follow Elle: @elleluna


So that’s my short list, there will be more. Many more. I want to note that ALL images (minus script names) were sourced from their respective artists sites and are not my intellectual property. Ladies, if any of you have a problem with my use, please reach out. I’m not trying to steal your wonderful work, just feature it in my own way. Cheers.

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