Follow Friday: Favorite Whimsical Illlustrators

Happy Friday,

I’ve had illustration on my mind recently and I thought I would share with you some of my favorite illustrators.



I actually just happened to meet Emma at a San Francisco Zine fest years ago. I saw her Odd Fauna beast sculptures and wanted one so bad! Sadly I had spent all my money for the day but i vowed to look her up and buy one when I had the cash. I finally did, and I love my little brown ovook.I was so inspired by emma’s sculpting that I wanted to go out and do it for myself. I soon realized that I was terrible at it, and  moved on to other things. I occasionally will pull the sculpey back out and see if I can make something. Emma is also a wonderful watercolor painter.

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I’m sure Joey gets this a lot, but I think he’s Mary Blair incarnate. Seriously, this guy has such a wonderfully whimsical style that makes me want to be a kid again. I’m sure that’s why Disney has commissioned him for quite a few projects. I just love the incredible perspectives, his use of color, and the sense of adventure you get. I have too many favorites, but I really love how he creates crystal like shapes for ice and also how he incorporates these glowy effects in a lot of his work.

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Just recently I was walking around my neighborhood and came across one of those little shops with art and knick knacks from local artists. Inside I saw Nidhi’s prints and instantly felt a connection to her because her work depicts her life in San Francisco. You could see the golden gate bridge, the conservatory of flowers and other landmarks in them and it makes my heart happy. They look like quiet, personal memories of hers, which i find myself eagerly drawn to because I too have similar memories and they were what kept me going when I was very homesick in Chicago. I bought her book, and I hope she makes more, because I really love being reminded every day about how great it is to be in this city.

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Those are just a few that have been inspiring me recently. More to come.