Freebie Friday: Nature and Floral Photos

Hey! Just a quick post today. I haven’t done a freebie friday in a while. Here are some 100% free to use photos of florals and nature. You can download them on Flickr.
freebiefriday This past week I’ve felt very scattered and I’ve found it difficult to focus on one thing. Between my full time work, my two clients, my blog, and this new course on Blog Styling that I’m creating, I find it hard to pick which one to give my attention to in the few hours during the morning and late at night. My inbox is packed with promotions on new e-books and free webinars on information I really want to learn, but there’s just NO time. I start to feel a little overwhelmed with the content and feel like I can never keep up.   My mantra for this week has been this:Tweet: Make time for the things that matter and DELETE the rest.TWEET IT

photo (8)

Big News!

As I mentioned, I’m putting together a course on how to Style (or re-style) your blog from scratch. This could really affect ANY type of website, but I’m choosing to be specific because blogs have a lot more components than most portfolio/info sites do and a lot of the time are more “stylized” than a portfolio. If you’re interested in hearing more about this course, give me your email, and I’ll keep you in the loop. Right now it’s just a newsletter, so you can opt out any time.


Plan your blog content Design your Mood board Build your blog’s style guide Why is this important? The short answer is that defining these things before you start designing your blog or hiring someone else to do it will save you a lot of time and overwhelm. I promise more information will come soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

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