From the Bookshelf: Summer 2013 Reading List


Part of my Summer Goals will be to read more. I’ve been reading two fantasy series for over six months and am in need of something a little more classic. You know, the ones-that-I-should-have-read-in-high-school-but-didn’t? Also I’ve been really interested in reading a biography or two so the other day I made a trip to the bookstore looking for a biography of Audrey Hepburn. Unfortunately they only had coffee table books, so I opted for one of my other favorite female figures, Jane Austen. I’ve decided to adopt one of  Elle Luna‘s practices about at Moxie Con about buying anything that speaks to me. While in line, I happened to spy a table of the classics from across the room and leaped at the opportunity to add to my summer reading list while they were on sale.

 The first books I’ll be reading (in no particular order):

“The Real Jane Austen: A Life of Small Things” – By Paula Byrne

” Great Expectations” – By Charles Dickens

“The Wind in the Willows” – By Kenneth Grahame

“The Blue Fairy” – By Andrew Lang

“Cannery Row” – By John Steinback

“Middlemarch” By George Elliot

“The Hound of Baskervilles” By Sir Arthur Connan Doyle


Here’s some other books that I hope to read between now and…. when I get it done.

The Biographies – I want to read about some of the women I’ve always admired, but never really knew anything about them.

Biography of Audrey Hepburn

Biography of Judy Garland

Biography of  Marilyn Monroe

Biography of Cleopatra



Robinson Crusoe

A Tale of Two Cities

War + Peace

Wind in the willows




Game of thrones book 6 – whenever that comes out…

Chronicles of the Necromancer  book 5 +6


So that’s my ever-growing list! What will you read this summer?


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  • You should join – great community of bookworms (occasional and hardcore). Plus you can get personal recommendation based on what you’re reading or have read.

    2 May, 2013 at 5:44 pm