From the bookshelf: This is San Francisco


Do you ever have one of those lucky moments when you happen to be poking around in a new shop (or maybe an old favorite) and you come across something that just speaks to you? This happened recently to me when I found a very charming book while in San Francisco for my conference. Jeremy and I made a huge effort to visit all our favorite places and we passed by an old used bookstore on Russian Hill that I used to frequent and I found this amazing book called “This is San Francisco” by Miroslav Sasek. A He did a series of children’s books about different cities all over the world. It’s illustrated in beautiful watercolor with just a few sentences on each spread. What i love is how well he captures San Francisco’s essence, even as outdated as it is, you can still see the personality of my favorite city. It’s really hard to choose but my favorite spread has got to be China town. It amazes me how well-preserved some of those landmarks are. So there you have it a book that I found in my favorite city, about my favorite city and will remind me of my favorite places until we can return back home.

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