Fun Food and Family

Life is too short to be working ALL the time, and luckily I got to take a break from the computer to spend some time with family. Here’s some highlights from last week:

My parents officially retired Tuesday and set out for Utah on Thursday. They’ve been living in a 5th wheel for over a year, testing it out before they make the final leap to travel the country in it. I’m so happy for them and wish them safe travels. Hopefully we’ll get a visit when they make their way across the country later on in the year.

Jeremy’s family came to visit us for his birthday this past week. For 10 days, I’ve been spoken for from waking up till passing out. It was exhausting, but fun. I’ve had a chance to explore more of the city’s restaurants and get a better taste of what’s near by.

Bucca Di Beppo

For Jeremy’s Birthday dinner, we drove all the way out to Logan in the pouring rain to have dinner with the entire family. We figured Italian, family style would suit due to our large numbers. I haven’t been to Bucca Di Beppo in years, so I had forgotten how quirky their decor was. Every wall and every shelf was covered in strange knick-knacks and old photographs. The bathroom was my favorite. They even had a shadow box with some old lady underpants inside.



Because Jeremy’s brother is vegetarian, he suggested Handlebar, a hipster-esque establishment in Logan square, with great meat substitution options. They are known for their gouda mac and cheese, which was obesifyingly amazing (yep, i just made up a word.. obesify: the act of making one obese). I had the three cheese grilled cheese, and Jeremy had a bbq shrimp po boy. The most notable dish was the desert, a fried pb&j sandwhich, turnover style. When we cut into that warm little piece of heaven, the peanut butter just oozed out. We ordered two rounds because we knew we couldn’t share.


El Cid

The next night, we had a hankering for Mexican food, so we headed back over to Logan square to visit “El Cid”. We got there just in time, before the whole back yard area began to fill up. The atmosphere was nice, and the tiki torches set a nice mood. We enjoyed two pitchers of margaritas, as we chowed on homemade guacamole and chips. I ordered the skirt steak tacos, which were good but a wee bit dry for my taste (I was craving pulled pork but they didn’t have any). And then I tried a bite of Jeremy’s chicken burrito, and begged to trade. I should just let him pick my food from now on. He always gets the better dish. We ate until we all sat back in our chairs and groaned.




The last night, we decided to have some drinks at our place then head over to Mahoney’s bar. It was where Jeremy had spent the majority of his 21st birthday, and it felt only fitting to return. The music choices were amazing, and often had us up and dancing near our table. Many drinks were to be had that night, including Jeremy’s black and blue, which looked pretty in front of a candle, and my tasty signature favorite, the kamikaze.


The week was fun, but now I can rest up over the weekend and get back to work. I’ve got exciting client projects that I need to get into gear. I also have more work to do on the blog identity, because identities are never finished! I’m bummed because this weekend we had hoped to go to Fort Sheridan, but due to the rain, we have to cancel and go another time. Stay tuned!

Up and coming blog posts:

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