Grand Adventure: Day 5

Day 5 – Des Moines, Iowa to Chicago, Illinois

We woke up early that morning excited to be out on the road on our last day of driving. I for one, was tired of feeling absolutely sticky in an un-air conditioned car for 5 days. Popsicles had become my frenemies, both giving me temporary relief from the heat, as well as making me regret the high calorie treat later.

Driving through the rest of Iowa was no different than the first half, so I didn’t take as many pictures. We did however stop on the border of Iowa and Illinois to have lunch on the Mississippi river at a German place called Bier Strube Le Claire. They were serving brunch, and gave us a waffle just like my mom used to make: Belgium style, light and floppy. We decided to wait for lunch, but they opened up the kitchens early just for us. I had a calamari caesar salad and Jeremy had a Jaeger Snitzel with Spaetzel and Potato Pancakes.

Full of good food, we crossed the Mississippi into Illinois. From there it was only a few hours to Chicago. By the time we arrived, it was 3:30 and still really hot and humid out. Our landlord wasn’t ready for us, so we went and visited with Jeremy’s brother.

We finally got in around 6:00 and immediately turned on the AC. It hasn’t been turned off since. We love our new place, but it will take some time to feel like home. We hope that once our furniture finally arrives, we’ll feel more comfortable in our new space. I’ll be sure to upload interior shots when we get settled.

It was an amazing adventure through the midwest to get to our new home in Chicago. We really appreciate all the love and support from all our family and friends. I thank Jeremy especially for being patient with me and putting up with my whining about the heat in the car. I can resort to a 2 year old when physically uncomfortable, and I’m so glad that he loves me enough to over look that.

The best news of all (for me) is that I had two job offers right from the get go. The first was a two-day gig, starting the day after I arrived; and the second, is where I currently work, at a design firm called GA Communication. I’m on day 3 of this job, and I’m getting acclimated to a completely different environment than I’m used to. There’s more freedom in a firm, and more responsibility to complete your projects on your own, with little feedback from anyone, which can be scary. The last photo shows the view from the break room. The job is a two-week, possibly more, opportunity so we’ll see how it goes.

Taste of Chicago is this week, so hopefully we’ll find some great new places to eat and places to call “ours”.

I’ll keep you posted!

Driving day 5: 333 Miles

Grand Total: 2273 Miles

Lunch at Bier Strube

The Mississippi River

Arriving in Chicago

Our first sunday spent out in Lincoln Park, what a view!

Walking around our neighborhood. Someday, I want a house like this.

The view from my break room at work.