Grand Adventure: Day one


Day 1 – Pleasant Hill, CA to Wendover, Utah

We left in the morning on the 27th in good spirits, excited to be out on the road. With a car packed full of the essentials and the rig all in place, we said goodbye to the bay area and set out for a new chapter in our life. The drive to the nevada border was gorgeous. I always loved the rocky sierra nevada. We stopped for lunch in Reno and took a few pictures of the famous Reno sign. It was a Wednesday in the middle of the day and Reno was a ghost town. I bet it would have been gorgeous to see it all lit up at night. As it was we ate in a restaurant in Harrah’s and saw no one but a few old people gambling away. Once we left Reno, Nevada got really flat, and dry. We ended our  night in Wendover, Utah, exhausted and ready for sleep.

Driving day one: 598 Miles







dsc_0081 dsc_0110


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