Grand Adventure: Day Two

Day 2 – Wendover, Utah to Denver, Colorado

Utah was gorgeous. The mountains felt much grander than the Sierra Nevada and were more grassy than rocky. The drive through Utah felt very short compared to Nevada, which was refreshing, but I can’t say the same for Wyoming. We stopped for lunch at Sonic that day in Rock Springs, Wyoming. We didn’t stay long because there really wasn’t much there. Wyoming was pretty in some parts toward the beginning but near the end it was vast nothing of prairie land that went on forever. Jeremy loved it, but I said “I need to see some trees”.

Driving into Colorado, the terrain became more beautiful, full of red rocks and trees. We managed to drive to Fort Collins by sun down and caught a beautiful sunset over the Rockies. By the time we reached Denver it was 10:30 and we quickly found a hotel near the freeway overlooking the entire city. Jeremy did an amazing panorama of it. There also happened to be fireworks going on in celebration of an early 4th of July I guess.

Driving day two: 653 Miles