Grand Adventure: Moving To Chicago

The time has finally come to announce that Jeremy and I will be moving to Chicago in just a few short months. I waited this long to mention it because I hadn’t yet told all of my family and didn’t want social media to spoil the surprise!

Jeremy has been accepted to Grad School at Columbia College, Chicago and will be pursuing his masters in Creative Producing. We are embarking on this grand adventure together, hand in hand, eager and anxious to meet new people and fall in love with yet another city. Since I’ve never driven farther east than Utah, we plan to drive and document our entire road trip there in photos and video.

I will be available for freelance work as soon as July 2nd. To view my portfolio got to:

To contact me for work, email me at Lorettamay (at) gmail (dot) com.


Preparing for the Adventure:

I plan to design a self promo mailer to send out to companies that I’m interested in working for. Here’s the self promo I made for Jeremy back in April.


My plan of attack is to freelance for a while until I can find a good fit. I hope to come back to San Francisco with more experience and skills so that I may be able to get into a design agency.

More later, gotta start packing!