Creatively Driven welcomes guest posts from experienced creatives. If you have a story for the blog, please follow these guidelines in order to be considered.

Be an authority figure

I find when you write from your own experience you are able to own it by writing examples and anecdotes that are knowledgeable and thoughtful. This means I’m not looking for freelance writers to write about different topics (unless the topic is about writing). I’m looking for painters, designers, crafters, architects, fashion designers, chefs, etc that know their field and want to share their knowledge.


Be a story-teller

I’m not looking for a robot. I believe that sharing personal anecdotes and allowing your own personality to show through your writing, you come off more genuine and personable, making it easier to connect with your readers.


Be a resource

Ask yourself, is this post really useful? Will my readers learn something from it or is it too generic? The best way to add quality to the content is by including useful external links to resources and more information.


Be a curator

If you’re looking to inspire, then pick and choose your examples wisely and thoughtfully. Make it your own curated collection of inspiration.

Be relevant

The goal of Creatively Driven has always been to fill that gap of knowledge between what is learned in school and what is learned “on the job”. Articles that fit in the Creatively Driven structure are more likely to be approved than ones that don’t.



In order to make sure your writing style fits in with the Creatively Driven voice, I need to see previous examples of your work.

Your article pitch idea
Please include a working title (subject to change in order to fit within the Creatively Driven categories). Also include a loose outline of your article.

If accepted, I need to know how long you need to write the article so that I can fit it into the schedule.

Short bio + photo
A small bio and photo are placed at the bottom of all guest posts.  In this section I also link the author’s a website and one social media account.

Fill out the form

Once you have all of the requirements, please contact me