Holiday Hiatus

I appologize for being on a bit of a hiatus lately. Sunday started out as a bad day. I’ve been procrastinating on designing holiday cards, buying gifts, and even decorating. After struggling with my holiday card designs, I realized that It wasn’t the cards that was bringing me down, but my homesickness intensified by us being alone for the holidays while we’re out here in Chicago. It doesn’t quite feel like christmas out here without our friends and family with us. No egg nog with mom, no greek holiday cookies, no bright San Francisco lights, no holiday party with our friends, no Hannukkah with Jeremy’s family, and NO LATKE’S!

Jeremy let me be emotional for an hour or so, held me, and then we made a plan to make new holiday memories. This wednesday, we’ll visit christkindlmarket, a traditional German holiday market and feast on potato pancakes and snitzel. Friday we’re going to the Lincoln Zoo light show.

There’s a ton of fun iceskating, sketch fests and food to be had that will keep our holiday spirit up far from home.

This week my goal is to get my holiday cards out, finish up some client work and hopefully finish up a few posts that I’ve been writing.

I’ll definitely be better once my client projects are over. The holidays are just rough, both at work and at home.


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