On My Mind: Home Office Decor

Good news!

We are so excited to have signed a lease on a lovely 3 bedroom house out in the sunset, merely blocks from friends, muni, and Safeway. It comes with garage, patio, and laundry in unit. We weren’t even considering a 3 bedroom, but it actually turned out to be cheaper than most 2 bedrooms with less space and less amenities.

Now that the financials have been worked out, we’re really excited to start thinking about our new home. It’s going to be tight for the first few months while Jeremy finishes up school in Los Angeles, but we’re driven and we work hard to make our dreams happen. Because we have 3 bedrooms, we both will have our very own office space which was my number one goal for 2014.

I’ve been dreaming about having my own creative space ever since we moved in together in 2011. I need a space that is just for me; Something that reflects my personal style and my need for no distractions while I work. It’s going to be a slow process to build up my office to what I want it to be but here’s some inspiration and key elements I hope to have in my room.



All images came from Pinterest. To see the sources and more inspiration on plans on my home office, please visit my workspace board.

More posts on the move will surely follow. We plan to document our adventure back to San Francisco, since this time I will be driving some of the way (finally got my permit yikes!) and Zero will be in the backseet for 4 days. Should be a hoot.

In other news, I’m currently looking for work in San Francisco, either freelance or full time so that I hit the ground running when I get there.  I’m also developing the branding for a partnership with a former client of mine. We are joining forces to teach a very special class for Mid march which is super exciting (more on that later). Lastly, we’re checking things off that mental list, and trying to keep sane and calm during these chaotic last months. It’s all happening quickly, which is why posts have been a little sparse. I promise things will pick up when I get to San Francisco and get our lives organized.

Have a great rest of the week!