Gold dinosaur holding a donut

I made this: Dinosaurs love donuts

Last week our friend Simantha invited us to her last minute birthday party for dinner at Benihana and a late showing of Jurasic World. I was really excited to see the movie, so in the spirit of dinosaurs I made her a golden dinosaur holding a donut. As you know, donuts are kind of my obsession right now, so it seemed perfect.

Gold dinosaur holding a donut

My first try was a mess. I tried gold leafing the dino and if you’ve ever tried gold leafing, its a pain the butt. It’s super delicate and can get really sticky. I’ve learned now that gold leaf is better for flat surfaces.



My second try was much more successful. I purchased a larger dinosaur at the local game/party store and some gold spray paint. It took about an hour to coat the whole thing because I had to let him dry.


The donut itself I did over two days. Making and baking the sculpey clay on day one, then painting it and attaching it with hotglue on day two. I could have done it in one night but i prefer to paint in daylight so I only had a few hours a night to work in the light.

She absolutely loved it. I loved him so much I had to make a baby one for myself. I see more gold figures in my future.





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