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I’ve been Featured: Diiiver

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Months and months ago, I was contacted by the lovely Yasu Maskay from and asked if I would be interested in being featured on her site. I asked her what Diiiver was all about and this is what she said:

Diiiver is about People. Places. Parties. It features amazing women creating amazing products from all around the World. I created this website with the hopes that it will be a hub for women entrepreneurs. I handpick each of these women, because I feel they are creating new and different.

Sunday she posted my profile with a Q&A. I feel very flattered to have been chosen to be made part of the diiiver group. I think this site has a ton of potential and I look forward to seeing the site grow. Already I see a familiar face! Marissa Shipman, a savvy business owner that I actually interned for in College, which was my first experience designing for the beauty world. She owns her own line called theBalm, a cheeky “beauty in five” approach to looking fabulous. You can see my student re-brand project for theBalm here.

Some more exciting stuff is going to be happening in a the next few months (along with a very expensive move back to San Francisco). I can’t talk about it just yet, but it involves a possible collaboration with a former client. Stay tuned!


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