Guest Post: Kickstart Your Successful Freelance Photography Career

Creatively_Driven_kickstart_photography_career Freelance careers are somehow simultaneously some of the most coveted and feared positions out there.  Pros?  You wake up when you want, take vacations when you want, and are (most likely) spending your days doing something you love.  Cons? What if the work dries up? Where will you be working tomorrow?  Are you going to make next month’s rent?  And, the most pressing question of all: how do I break in? 

Shameless self-promotion

Daily selfies are absolutely key.  No, just kidding—but it is important to establish a consistent social media presence.  For example, posting your work to your blog can become a great calling card to your prospective employers.  If the content of your blog is polished and professional, it can help you get your foot in the door. Blogs aren’t your only avenue, either: in this new social media age, it’s important to have Twitter and Facebook—plus, photo-heavy sites Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram are all vital for freelancers because you never know when something’s going to go viral!  Social media is growing so huge that the New York Times has even used Instagram photos on the front page.  Yes, social media truly has been a game changer for all the freelance creatives out there!

Know your audience

It’s important to keep in mind your skill set.  For example, if you love bird watching and nature photography, it might not be the best idea to spend your days doing portraits.  And once you have established your area of expertise?  Target the magazines that share your interests.  Keep searching for the shoe that fits.

Stay on the cutting edge

Whether it be online classes ( always comes highly recommended), courses at the local community college, or tutorials from a friend, it’s important to stay in front of the curve.  A continual effort to advance your training will make sure your work never gets stale.  Plus, you never know—you might find a whole new skill set or outlook as part of your learning!

Train, train, train

With so much competition out there, it can be difficult to make yourself stand out so taking in some extra hard work can be very beneficial.  Sometimes, the best option is to find yourself an internship.  Sure, they’re often low pay (think stipends below minimum wage) or no pay at all, but many people find that internships are the best way to get hired.  They’re a great way to network and prove your talent and worth to your prospective employers.  Successful freelance fashion photographer Noa Griffel notes that her various internships and assistant positions were key to her success.  In her words, “That’s how everything took off!” There’s no doubt about it, freelance photography is one of the most competitive fields out there.  But with a little luck, a little talent, and a lot of hard work and diligence, hopefully you’ll soon be doing your dream job for a living. A special thanks to Vera Marie Reed for guest posting today

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