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I had already started designing my landing page when I read the article by smashing magazine¬†Design to sell. They had some good ideas about how to make people stay on your landing page once they get there. They talked about subliminal suggestion, where you play a photo of something positive that denotes the kind of tone you are going for, but I don’t think that would work well for me.

They also talked about preventing choice parallisys, by highlighting one choice above all others. That makes sense for a service, but might look a little silly on a portfolio site.

The one I did however take away was “Showing the product”. On my front page, I have a “latest work” section which I think really demonstrates showing the product or services that I can provide.

Letting people try it doesn’t apply to me because I don’t work for free.

I was really interested in the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) and “always provide next actions” idea. I definitely plan on having a “browse more”, or “go to portfolio page” next to the “latest work” section. It isn’t there yet, but that is the plan. I will also go back through my website and make sure there is an “action” the viewer can take with every page, whether it’s “like this? Tweet it!” or “like this? contact me” or even “like this? see more like this”

The guided attention was also interesting. I will see if I can add in some element that makes things flow better, but I don’t want to force it. I won’t add in a design element that just doesn’t make sense for the sake of creating a metaphorical arrow.

I already knew about the gutenberg rule, but I will double check my pages and make sure the important stuff is in the top left and right.

Overall I feel very confident about the direction of my portfolio. I still have a lot of images to add in and pages to make, but now that the template is set, it shouldn’t take too long. Most of my blurbs are already written too.

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