New Re-Launch of LorettaMay Design

I’m very excited to announce the official re-launch of my portfolio website, Lorettamaydesign.com. For the longest time, I knew that my limited abilities in html/CSS were hindering my website’s potential. Last year I decided that I wanted to elevate my portfolio so that I can reach a slightly higher paying client; one  that is serious about their business and wiling to invest a little more for quality design.

So, I set out and did my research on how I could make my website look more polished and professional. I went back and forth so many times on layout and platform choices but the one thing that stayed constant was that I knew I didn’t want to hand code my site anymore. A dear friend of mine told me that if you don’t want to make a living doing code, then why spend all the effort into coding your own site? He was right. I decided to let go of my need to do everything myself and hire a professional developer. The idea of paying someone a lot of money to do something I had been doing myself was a strange feeling but when I saw Zoe Rooney’s portfolio full of wordpress coded websites for creatives, I knew my site would be in good hands.

 From Old to Awesome

My goal for my re-design wasn’t to completely change the layout, but rather to polish the styling and update my branding. I said goodbye to robins egg blue and black and said hello to sea foam blue and navy, a much more elevated color scheme (in my humble opinion). My fonts had to go too. I love Bebas Neue, but it was too condensed for navigation and often missing depending on the browser you were viewing in (because I obviously didn’t code the @fontface for all browsers). I decided to use Google web fonts and went with Nevis bold for headlines and navigation and Lato light for copy and subheads.

I still have plans for my beloved “icons”, but I probably won’t be using the pattern anymore. I’ve over it. I want clean and sophisticated now.

I’ll go into more detail about the process in a different post but I just wanted to point out some of the new features on my site:

1) A slider (or static graphic) that can go on any page

2) A single tweet on the home page.

3) Email sign up form in the footer connected to my mailchimp account



4) A modular thumb + description text


5)  A portfolio category filter


6) Custom contact form


7) Custom pull quote

8) Custom back to top button


It’s so nice to finally see this come to life. I HIGHLY recommend working with a developer to get all the features you want. Zoe Rooney did an amazing job! She followed my designs down to the pixel, she worked with me to solve some visual and functional problems, and her pricing is totally reasonable.

Go check out my site live HERE.