On My Mind: It’s Good to be Back

Friends I think I can say that I finally feel like my feet are firmly on the ground and I have a good handle on living alone until Jeremy comes back. It’s been tough trying to juggle my job with 1 hour commute each way AND making sure i go straight home to feed and walk zero, eat, and then try to get a little work in before i have to walk zero again. Aside from my struggles on keeping a good balance of work and play, I’ve been so happy back here in San Francisco. I feel like I’m falling in love with a part of the city I always kind of wrote off. The sunset is quiet, and slow, but rich with color and beauty. I finally feel like I’m back in my element, with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. I don’t even mind the frizzy hair from all the fog.


So I mentioned in my last post that as soon as we got here, we threw a big house-warming party to see our friends, even before we had unpacked anything. We did that because Jeremy actually was on his way to LA for another two months to finish his grad program, so he wanted to see everyone before he left. While at the party, I had a great chat with a good friend about an opening at his company. A week or so later, I interviewed and today I am excited to announce (officially) that I will be full-time employed with salary and benefits at Coco Voice. I will be doing marketing campaigns, and learning UI/UX from my friend and others. The team is super small and they all seem like really chill people. I can’t wait to get started on monday!


Will I stop freelancing? No way! In-fact I’ve taken on more jobs now that I have in the last year! That being said, it feels like as soon as I got here, people started inquiring for me to work on their projects (yay!) but all at the same time (boo!). It feels good to not have to fish so much for clients, but because I’m so busy, I’ve actually had to do something I hate doing, which is say no. I hate turning down awesome projects or projects that pay well, but one thing that I refuse to budge on is tight turn arounds. I know myself well enough that I know I can’t rush my process. When I rush, I end up with half-baked ideas that I’m not comfortable sharing. Also, I still continue to work toward finding that perfect work/life balance. I simply remind myself that there’s no need to take on everything at once because there will always be more work. 

Outside of working, Zero and I have been using our walk times to go on adventures and explore different parts of the sunset. I had forgotten how colorful San Francisco is! It will be a great source of inspiration in the future.


More News! I’m going to Typo! What better way to get back in the groove of things than to attend another conference! If you haven’t heard of Typo it’s an international conference about typography, the creative process and other design related topics. I’ll be covering the event on twitter and do a good writeup for it on the blog.

More coming soon!



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