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Mood Board: Bright And Airy Citrus

The time has come to share with you what I’ve been “cooking up” with my culinary clients. Over the past few months, I’ve been working closely with two lovely sisters who are both chefs and successful entrepreneurs. They are the first client out of the Light Up Your Brand workshop that I’m teaching with my colleague Travis Brady. Travis has taught the client about the importance of having a strong brand as well as how to make your brand stand apart. She gave them all the tools they needed to write a successful design brief. I then worked with them to develop their identity, photography styling, and the website plans are in the works!


Mood Board - vibrant citrus and white wood

One thing¬†they made very clear to me was that they did not want a “posed” look to their food or their life style. There’s nothing perfect about being a mom, and they didn’t want the typical “forward-facing-fake-smile-in-your-perfect-kitchen” look. They want to show what a real mom kitchen looks like, with open cup boards, cups in the sink, and all the beautiful imperfections that come with life.

They preach healthy living, but done simply and attainably by all. They give you the tools to lead a vibrant and nurturing family life through good food.

I’m really excited to share the next phases of the project with you. Stay tuned!


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