Mood board: Woodland Wonderland

We are a few days away from Thanks giving and it’s getting kinda chilly in here in San Francisco, but I can’t complain too much considering I know how cold it is in the midwest and back east.

This week I’ll be knee deep in client work, but all I can think about is decorating our home for the holidays. This is the first year that I will be “home base” for the family and I want to give my parents and brother a nicely decorated place to celebrate in. Our mom was the queen of holiday decorating, so I have a lot to live up to.


Growing up, my favorite decoration we had was this home made woodland creature scene made by my grandmother. She used a partially hollowed tree trunk as a house and put a bunch of critters around it. On the outside there were little mice and deer sledding (on bottle caps) down the slope of the trunk and playing in the snow. Inside you could see a little mouse sleeping in a walnut shell.

That playful woodland creature vibe is what I want to create in my home.

Here is a woodland creature holiday mood board I’m working on for my holiday decor.


All images used in this mood board can be found on my pinterest board

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