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Creatively Driven is in full effect! I’ve made the switch and am not turning back. I wanted to share my mood board with you and thought process behind the change.

The name

I wanted to re-vamp my blog, and give it a name that better fit it’s purpose or POV (point of view). Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m incredibly driven. When most come home to relax on the couch after a full 9-5 job, I continue to work at home on other client projects and the blog until bed. Staying creative and working on new projects is what fuels me and keeps me inspired. I’m driven to be creative.

 The purpose


I’ve always been a life long learner, constantly driven to infuse creativity in everything I do. I love to share my knowledge, and hope to continue to impart the wisdom I have learned to my viewers. Most of my knowledge is practical in nature and relates to how to be a professional creative. Some of my posts will be more “inspirational”, because a huge part of being a freelancer, means staying inspired while working in a vacuum, and avoiding burnout by “going outside” every once in a while.

The Blog Structure

I realized that my last blog didn’t have any structure. I posted infrequently and didn’t have any series in my blog. When I went back and looked at my posts, I saw that I write 70% about design and business practices and 30% about keeping inspired while working in a vacuum. With this knowledge in hand, I decided to split up my blog in three sections: Design, Refresh, Inspire. Below is the full structure:


  • Design Bad Words: Controversial design terms, what they mean and how to avoid them. Examples are “crowd sourcing”, “live trace”, and “work for hire”
  • Design Best Practices: These are miscellaneous how tos, and thoughts about design.
  • Freelance Trial and Error: These are true client stories and all the lessons I learned about good business practices the hard way.
  • The Design Process: I cover every step from obtaining clients, to working with them to get the best results, to keeping them as returning customers.


  • Adventures: My photo excursions out in nature or a new place. These posts are meant to document the world as I see it, keep myself refreshed, and hopefully inspire others to take a break from the computer every once in a while.
  • Up to lately: These are life update posts where I share my latest work or any other important personal life event. I promise to not make them boring!


  • Feature: I haven’t done many of these YET but I hope to write more about artists that inspire me and keep me in total awe.
  • From the Bookshelf: I’m a huge design book junkie. I would go broke on design books if I didn’t have any self control. This series shares some of the most useful and most inspiring books on art and design.
  • How to: I’ve always been a life long learner, and sharer of knowledge.

The Brand

When I was coming up with ideas for the blog, I kept thinking about how being driven could be represented visually (and simply) in a logo. I thought about how an arrow is driven through a target, much like the way I’m driven toward my own goals. I thought it might be a bit too abstract, but I went with it. I didn’t want to use an actual arrow for my logo, since it’s clearly been done. So instead I chose the chevron to represent the directional drive I was going for as well as hinting to the fledge of the arrow. It’s pretty abstract, and it really doesn’t matter a whole lot, but there it is.

I hope to bring a lot of fun and inspirational images to this new blog. Part of my visual language will include: the chevron in multi widths to create variation, color transparency over images, soft gradients, and possibly color blocking.

Here’s a visual representation of what I’m going for:

I hope you enjoy the posts to come. Please subscribe to the blog so that you receive email updates for new posts. Just enter your email address in the column to the right where it says “subscribe”. For mobile phones, scroll down until you see “subscribe” (located below “elsewhere” and before “recent posts”)
Stay tuned!
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