Up To Lately: Moonlight Mania

Just a short update, since I’ve been really bad about posting these last few weeks. I’ve been working away for, and am enjoying it dispite the crazy deadlines. I’m learning a lot about give and take, choosing my battles, and “letting go”. Working for a large company means a lot of different voices get to make final decisions, and sometimes I don’t always agree with them. It’s not because it means MORE WORK, it’s because I believe the piece will suffer from some of the changes, but in the end I have to remember that this isn’t a sprint to a better collaboration, it’s a slow and steady marathon. I gain a little more every mile, but I still have a long way to go.

In my free time, I’ve been as they say “moonlighting”. I currently am juggling five clients in different stages of the project, and I had to turn a few away!

1. Pro bono identity for a friend about to graduate. She’s a game art major wanted a logo and website that was art nouveau inspired. Not my style, but I enjoy a challenge, especially when trying a new style or medium out.

2. Logo for a start-up cosmetic company. Can’t say much because I’m under NDA, but I’m really excited to continue working with my client and making this brand a reality.

3. Logo and WordPress website for a “fresh-out-of-college” event planner/stylist in San Francisco. I Especially got excited for this because it’s something new!

4. I just started a new partnership with a small Sacramento Marketing team that is looking to branch out into the bay area and hopefully farther. I was approached to assist in designs, since the marketing team deals more in SEO and getting you “likes” on Facebook etc. I’ll be designing anything from Facebook banner ads to print brochures etc.

5. As always, Jeremy is my client and we are once again changing his website. I designed it in muse and am kind of sick of the glitches in that program, so we’re moving him over to WordPress. It’s a back-burner project, but we’re aiming for january 1st.

So that’s all I’ve been juggling, along with trying to get some weekend adventures out. We’re expecting our corgi puppy to be born sometime next week, and I’m SO excited. We’re getting him from a breeder in MN and we’ll be able to take him home after 8 weeks. We’re hoping for a male sable, but if there’s only tris or if there’s only girls, we’re not picky.

I have a feeling that the next month will be busy, and I might not get three posts done in a week as I had scheduled.

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Have a great weekend everyone.



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