#100donutchallenge from Creatively driven post number 1

National donut day 2015

Happy National Donut Day!

These last two weeks of catching up after Vancouver have me frantically trying to finish out some projects so that we can save up for our next adventure (and maybe pay off the last one).

Today is national donut day! If you’ve been following along the last year you may have seen donuts popping up here and there on my blog and Instagram. I have a huge love/ fascination with donuts. I love how many endless possibilities there are in decorating them with yummy treats, which is why today marks the beginning of my 100 donut challenge.

Over the next year I will create 100 different donuts in any medium I choose. I have no set schedule yet but I’m going to shoot for two a week.

Here’s my first one:#100donutchallenge from Creatively driven post number 1

Donut #1: pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles.  – acrylic and paper on wood.
Naturally I have to start with the poster child of donuts, the Homer Simpson donut.

I have had created the background for this mixed media canvas years ago and haven’t known how to finish it. Then it occurred to me: put a donut on it!! For now it will sit on my shelf but it will be for sale once I get my shop up.

What’s that? A shop?

Yes you heard correctly. Creatively driven is getting some big changes this last half of the year. Not only am I creating a shop, but Creatively driven is becoming my studio name. I’m in the process right now of designing the new look for creatively driven and its so exciting. I will now have the flexibility of creating a shop, selling courses and more.

uh, Loretta.. can you please go back to donuts now?

yes! If you’re interested in following along, you can check out the #100donutchallenge tag here or follow me on instagram. I’d love some creative ideas on donut flavors. Something out of the ordinary. Feel free to comment and share some ideas!

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