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Happy Monday everybody!

I hope you had a great weekend. Jeremy and I had a busy weekend crossing out items on both of our to-do lists. Most of it involved cleaning and chores, but we did manage to take Zero to a dog park and even went to the gym, so I count that as a very successful weekend!

I’ve been getting a ton of guest post inquiries lately, which is great! That means the blog is getting out there and people are responding. I’ve had three guest posts already and am definitely ready for more, but it has to be the right fit. Recently the inquiries have been coming from companies that employ professional writers who write on any topic based off of research instead of experience and  it got me thinking: What is Creatively Driven’s voice?

I spent the weekend thinking more about the voice, the content I’ve been putting out, my audience, and the types of people I imagine would write for me. I came back with 5 requirements for a good Creatively Driven post

Being an Authority Figure
This to me means being experienced in whatever you’re writing about, not just a professional writer who does research on the topic.

Being a Story-Teller
I’m looking for the writers personality in the article. I don’t want a robotic generic sounding article.

Being Resource
This one really goes hand in hand with being an authority. If you have the knowledge, share it. Instead of just writing about a generic topic, go in-depth with details and include quality links to resources and sites with more information.

Being a Curator
People love being inspired. Whenever I put together an inspiration post, I always think “be a curator”, make it unique, don’t show everything, but be selective and thoughtful when choosing your visual examples. Have enough but no more.

Being Relevant
This goal of this blog has always been to help bridge the gap between what creatives learn in school and what they learn in the real world. Keeping up with industry standards, business best practices, and current industry news and events is the primary focus of every post. Secondary is aiming at keeping a healthy work-life balance (which is also something they don’t teach you in school) as well as simply being inspired and learning how to be inspired from everything around you.

If you or anyone you know is interested in sharing their expertise or a client story, please visit the guest post page and fill out the form. Have a wonderful week!

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