Work In Progress: My ocean inspired office

It’s been crazy this last week with my new job, but I’d like to take a moment to talk about my home office. One thing I’ve really come to appreciate is interior decorating. This is Jeremy and I’s third place together and with every day that passes, I realize that I want my home and my space to energize me. I want it to look like our life goes together instead of it being “his stuff” and “my stuff”.  And I’m starting with my office. My goal for 2014 was to create a space where I could feel inspired, rejuvenated, and at peace in my new home. Personally what does that for me is the ocean. I’m not one for swimming in it, but hearing the waves, feeling the wind and smelling salt in the air is where I feel most at peace. Living out in the sunset, we’re 20 blocks from the beach, and If I walk out my door, I can see the waves from our street.

So I am choosing to go with a sea glass color palette with an addition of a darker sea blue in places. That being said, it’s been slow going, making decisions on big purchases. The first one being my office rug. Here are some of the “narrowed down” choices I’ve made. I’d love to hear which one is your favorite.


1. West Elm  | 2. Joss & Main | 3. Bold Rugs | 4. Bold Rugs | 5. Home Depot | 6. PBteen7. Overstock | 8. Bold Rugs | 9. OBX Trading Group | 10. RugsHQ | 11. Zulily | 12. Overstock

In order for me to get an idea of what the rug will do for the room, I created a simple little schematic of my room with my “dream furniture” in place. Some furniture I currently have, and some I don’t.





My dream is to have a space that is both energizing to work in , but also peaceful to contemplate in. The rug will be my area for sitting on the floor with pillows all around and a cute little white coffee table. The desk I currently have is actually a brown kitchen table, but will soon be painted either white or a light sea glass green when Jeremy gets back. My curtains are a very pale light blue and sheer, just to give it a soft peaceful vibe. I have one white skinny ikea shelf already and plan on getting another (so that i can continue my book addiction). The cutting board is another dark wood piece that hopefully one day will be refinished and painted as well (we’ll see how the table turns out first). Here are some more items I hope to collect eventually.


1. Chevron Pillow | 2.Pillow | 3.Pillow | 4.Frame  | 5. Knob | 6. Letters  | 7. Clock  | 8. Abstract Art | 9. Watercolor art 

That’s it for now. It’s coming together very slowly. I’ll take photos when I start actually purchasing all this stuff. Right now all I have is a couple of pillows and the clock.

If you want to see more of my “wish list” ocean inspired items, check out my Workspaces pin board.