This is my Pastiche I made after Artist and Designer (and probably my favorite artist right now) Christopher Cox. The assignment was to choose an artist and emulate their style. Chris doesn’t have just one style. He does everything! He does illustrations, political posters, apparel design, typography… you name it, he’s probably dabbled in it. I first came across Chris in a magazine called Computer Arts. He had been featured for some of his more colorful painted looking work. I was so inspired by the paint splattered face that I made my own piece called Inspire. I made my own splatters from watercolor and scanned them in and fiddled with them, then added in my own eye and the twin peaks tower from San Francisco that I took as well. I have used that image in several pieces including my mac catalog cover.


My pastiche however is based off some of his other print work. He does a series of halftone women, or parts of women (usually eyes and lips are dominant) combined with a bunch of geometric shapes, lines, dots and colors. I like how it turned out for the most part. As my teacher said, “lose the key”. Haha. 

Original image:  


Definitely go check out his stuff at

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