Art Of: Picking Color Palettes from Fashion

Happy Tuesday! I’m three weeks into my new job designing for Sears and now that I’m back in the fashion world, I’m inundated with color and pattern and I love love LOVE it. It just so happens that Sears HQ is above the Sears downtown, so I get to walk through the store every day to go to work, which is so dangerous for my wallet. I’m a huge advocate of looking to other industries for inspiration, and fashion is such a vibrant industry to pull from. Next time you’re out on the street and you see a great outfit, take a snap shot when they aren’t looking, or better yet, compliment them and ask if you can take a picture of their clothing. Offer to leave their face out if they would feel more comfortable. You’d be amazed at how many people are flattered and willing. These color palettes are some found both on the street and in stores such as sears and target.

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